woensdag 20 oktober 2010

The legend of Zelda

Besides being a great Pokémon fan, I'm also a big Zelda fan. From the very first time I played A Link to the Past a long time ago on my SNES, I was hooked. I kept buying the games and today I have all the games on a console. Oh, and shame on the person I talked to today who sold The Minish Cap and the Phantom Hourglass! Shame on thee!

Seeing I loved a link to the past so much, I started stitching the map of the Light World of the game. I came across the pattern on Spritestitch. I, however got a little bored with it, so it has been sitting in my closet for a while. I'm going to enjoy y'all with a picture though. I haven't made much progress, but I'm going to finish it someday! When it's finished it will be 36.5 by 32 cm, pretty big.

Also I want to the share a cartoon Link plushie from the Phantom Hourglass I bought last year. I love it! It's so cute!

maandag 11 oktober 2010

Sprite Stitch Craftswap

Friday I finally opened my present from the craft swap on Sprite Stitch. The whole idea was, make something for someone and receive something from another person, by a survey we had to send the administrator with your top 5 favourite games. Sort of like secret Santa, but global.

I had to make something for a girl in The Netherlands who loved FF and The legend of Zelda. Her nickname was 'Kipje', which means little chicken in Dutch. So I made a pattern from scratch which involved chocobo's from FF and a cuckoo from The legend of Zelda and started stitching.
Here is what it looked like before I sent it.

And here is what I got from a girl in England. It's a hussif with a stitched Dragonite on the front! She even put in the sewing essentials plus made a pincushion in the shape of a pokéball! I squeed when I opened the package! It's soooo awesome!!

woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Gotta catch 'em all!

My name is Ezs, I'm 21 and I'm a pokéholic..

God, I'm 21 and I still love pokémon. But, hey, I don't mind!  To prove this I took a picture of my bed covers. And as you can see, they're from pokémon! Yay! I sleep underneath pokémon almost every night! And I have some pokémon poster and my background on my pc is Pikachu with some cute clothes on! Will the fun ever end?
Oh, and Wobbuffet had to be in the picture of course, right on top of Ash his face.

And while we're talking about pokémon, I've got a WIP. Ten points if you can guess what it is!
I'll tell you anyway! It's the pokémon centre from Yellow. Talk about old skool! Pattern here.
I still need to do to top part with nurse Joy and Chansey. I took so long to finish because the store didn't have black yarn and then the craft swap for Sprite Stitch came up. Busy busy busy.
I also still need to fill in the whites. I hate filling. It takes so long..
I'll keep you posted!


The Piggy and the Octopus

In my description I mentioned a book I bought that got me into crocheting. Well, it's the amigurumi book from Annie Obaachan. This little piggy was the first thing I ever made with crocheting.The eyes are a little weird. Because I didn't gave those special eyes, I just took a small piece of yarn and I made some knots in it and just stuck it in there, but the problem is, they won't stay, they always come out again after a while. Plus, it looks kinda scary. Oh, and the floppy things on the side are its ears. Apart from all this, I'm still proud of myself I made this with little practice.

The second thing I made was this cute Octopus. I got the pattern here. I majorly improved. When my brother saw it, he asked if my mother made it. Somewhere I did make a little mistake though, the pattern says 8 tentacles but I ended up with only 7. Oh well, I made it original. As you can see, I changed how I made the eyes. No more knots, but crosses as eyes. I don't want him to seem dead, but it's just easier and much cheaper than buying those eyes.


dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

Wobbuffet ♥ his hat

This hat is my pride and joy! It's not that great, but I still love it!

I made it a year ago to wear for FACTS, a con here in Belgium.
It didn't really take me long to finish, it was just the same stitch over and over again. But being as smart as I am, I forgot the write down the pattern. So now, I'm making a new hat for facts this year, but I have to figure it all out again. Way to go me!

When I got home that day, I put it on my lovely Wobbuffet I bought there =3
And after a year, he is still wearing it.

I hope you like it as much as I do!


It's aliiiive!!

Yay, my very first post!

I've wanted to make a blog ever since I first went to Sprite Stitch. A lot of members there have a blog where they show of their work. And now, I also have to make a blog for school, so it's a win-win situation =D

I hope you have fun and enjoy the things I made.