woensdag 6 oktober 2010

The Piggy and the Octopus

In my description I mentioned a book I bought that got me into crocheting. Well, it's the amigurumi book from Annie Obaachan. This little piggy was the first thing I ever made with crocheting.The eyes are a little weird. Because I didn't gave those special eyes, I just took a small piece of yarn and I made some knots in it and just stuck it in there, but the problem is, they won't stay, they always come out again after a while. Plus, it looks kinda scary. Oh, and the floppy things on the side are its ears. Apart from all this, I'm still proud of myself I made this with little practice.

The second thing I made was this cute Octopus. I got the pattern here. I majorly improved. When my brother saw it, he asked if my mother made it. Somewhere I did make a little mistake though, the pattern says 8 tentacles but I ended up with only 7. Oh well, I made it original. As you can see, I changed how I made the eyes. No more knots, but crosses as eyes. I don't want him to seem dead, but it's just easier and much cheaper than buying those eyes.


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